Greeters Ministry

Ministry Description

Do you remember the first time you entered a new church? Did you feel cared for? Welcomed?Encouraged? Most folks will make a decision on their experience by their first interaction. The Greeters’ Ministry seeks to set the stage for spirit filled worship by encouraging all who enter. Hebrews 10:25, charges us to not only encourage each other; it implies that we have been encouraging each other and we shall continue to do so.

The Greeters’ Ministry’s primary focus is to encourage all who enter. There’s no hidden agenda, only a desire to demonstrate God’s love by encouraging one another with a friendly “Good Morning”, a holy hug and the notion that someone genuinely cares about you and seeks to encourage, uplift and affirm you—before you even begin worship.

Contact Ms. Cecelia “Cel” Toulson to learn about ministry opportunities throughout the year.

Ministry Information