Requirements of Ministry at Metropolitan

As Disciples of Christ in the Metropolitan Baptist Church, we believe each member has been given specific Gifts of the Holy Spirit to do ministry as our obligation to serve and edify the body of Christ. To the extent that each individual exercises those gifts, we are strengthened to become the Church for whom Jesus will return.

Ministry Accountability

It is an awesome task, yet wonderful privilege, to lead God’s people. In order to reach God’s people where they are, we must extend the ministries of the Church into every area of human life, and into every day and season of the year. This requires great commitment and sacrifice, especially from those who have readily accepted the challenge and Call to come forth as Officers and Leaders of God’s people. In performing the many tasks before us, we must remember that we are called to serve others and not unto ourselves. Quite often, this involves a self-emptying process that requires we forsake many of our personal ways, habits, and feelings in order to effectively serve the people of God. In the words of Henri Nouwen, we must learn how “to plow the field, cut the weeds, and clip the branches, that is, to take away the obstacles for real growth and development.”

If we are going to be true to the real task of leadership, we must learn to empty ourselves, rather than fulfill ourselves. Our task is not to conquer God, but to surrender to His saving power. Sometimes this is difficult when we consider the way the world is changing. Yet, it is a requirement for leadership, and the greatest challenge for leadership is to lead by example. Therefore, it must be understood that every Officer and Leader is accountable to God, our Senior Servant (Pastor) and the church leadership for how they handle God’s people and the work of the church.

No leader is freelancer, doing what they want to do; and no ministry is an island unto itself, but everyone is a part of the main. In that regard, there are several expectations to which every Officer and Leader will be held accountable. Every Ministry Officer and Leader is expected to do the following:

  1. Adhere to and follow the mission and vision of the church.
  2. Support the Senior Servant in the administration of the church’s programs, policies, rules, and regulations.
  3. Provide consistent Ministry leadership.
  4. Hold monthly ministry meetings unless otherwise stipulated.
  5. Be present and punctual for worship opportunities, leadership gatherings, and fellowship events.
  6. Attend and participate in Sunday Church School and Bible Study.
  7. Support Prayer and Worship Services.
  8. Commit to giving Time, Talent, and Tithe to the ministry and service of the church.
  9. Develop a personal devotional life.
  10. Participate in spiritual renewal opportunities.

It is understood that every Officer and Leader will adhere to a standard and code of conduct at all times, that demonstrates submission to authority and enhances representing the image and character of Christ. We must model in our leadership the very essence of the style, character, and manner in which Christ has modeled for us.


We are always subject to the authority of Christ, for it is in Him that we move, live, and have our being. But we are also subject to the authority of man, and more specifically the authority of the Senior Servant and the leadership of the church. No decision that we ever make as Officers and Leaders can supersede the authority of the Senior Servant, or any person to whom he has delegated authority. Therefore, it is understood that we encounter consequences for our failure to follow authority or our willful disregard for authority.

Appointment of officers

The following guidelines are established for Servant Leaders for Metropolitan Baptist Church Ministries, Councils, and Boards. All appointments are made by the Senior Servant. The tenure for all positions of leadership is a maximum of three years. Any exceptions to this rule are made by the Senior Servant’s authority.

Ministry Elections are to be moderated by the Ministry’s Spiritual Advisor.


Every Servant Leader should be a converted and committed Christian who has been committed to Christ and the local church for at least three years.

Every Servant Leader will be a faithful Biblical Tither, following the biblical mandate of Malachi 3:8-10, as well as a financial supporter of church programs, projects, and special events.

Every Servant Leader will be a vocal and visible supporter of Pastoral Leadership and Vision; therefore, every Servant Leader will be the lead person in sharing the vision to the membership of their respective ministry.

Every Servant Leader will not only actively attend and participate in Metropolitan Worship Services, programs and activities, but will lead their ministry in doing the same.

Every Servant Leader must have taken and/or is currently enrolled to take all required courses for Leadership, as they are offered. This includes Understanding God I and II prior to 2009 or the Articles of Faith beginning 2010, and all course offerings designated through the Christian Discipleship Institute for Servant Leadership, including Training of Leaders Workshops.

Every Servant Leader will have a personal plan for Spiritual Growth and Development and will discuss this plan with the Executive Pastor immediately following election.

Every Servant Leader must have been a member of Metropolitan for at least one year prior to election, and must be able to document through the attached Ministry Services Form the ministries in which he/she has been active during this time period.

In following the principles of our Church Covenant, every Servant Leader is expected to walk circumspectly in the world, to be just in their dealings, faithful in their engagements, and exemplary in their deportment.

Every Servant Leader will work closely with their Staff Minister, and follow church Leadership as the Leadership follows Christ.

Every Servant Leader (President or Coordinator in particular, or designated representative) will attend all Council of Ministries meetings, and fully support the work of the Council of Ministries.

Every Servant Leader and all volunteers and staff who work with Metropolitan children and youth, are required to complete Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention (CAPI) training. CAPI certification requires a criminal background check, completion of the Introduction to CAPI class and two continuing education CAPI classes. Each year after the initial certification, two continuing education classes must be completed each year to retain certification and maintain interaction with our youth.