Bereavement Ministry

Ministry Description

The Bereavement Ministry is organized by laypeople, called partners, who provide one-on-one Christian care to people in and around our congregation grieving the death of a loved one. We are compassionate individuals who are trained to help when you suffer loss, grief, and encounter other challenges that throw your life into a tailspin. Partners are not counselors; we are not “know it all’s.” We do not try to fix matters. We simply partner with you to provide love, care, and support when you need it most. We are deeply caring individuals who provide encouragement, a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on as you navigate through your storms. We have a heart for the hurting. We represent Christ’s caring for people –through people.

The Bereavement Ministry meets the second Thursday of each month. The Bereavement Ministry also offers support for the bereaved through the 13-week GriefShare program.

Ministry Information