Baby Dedications Kristin Hicks September 7, 2015

Contact: Dr. Jesse L. Wood, 202-238-5000 Ext. 103

We are glad you have taken an interest in the Infant Dedication Ceremonies here at Metropolitan. Taking the step to have your child Blessed and Dedicated back to the Lord is the right thing to do as demonstrated and modeled in the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. (Luke 2: 22-40) God wants us to realize that our children are a gift from Him, and the Dedication of a child is an acknowledgement of that gift. Please find below the necessary steps for having your child Blessed at Metropolitan Baptist Church.

Registration Process

  • Typically, we do Infant Dedications on the Second and Third Sundays, and on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Other arrangements can be made under unusual circumstances.
  •  Complete the Infant Dedication Form found on our website Register online.
  • Once approval has been given, you will be contacted by one of our instructors to make arrangements to attend an Infant Dedication Class, which is required before a Dedication Service takes place.
  • A church photographer will be assigned to take pictures during the ceremony. All additional pictures can be taken at the conclusion of the Worship Service.

Class Requirements

Parents are required to attend an Infant Dedication Class prior to the ceremony. An instructor will contact you from the information provided on the registration form to arrange a time for the class. One or both parents may attend. This class is designed to be a resource to the spiritual foundation you are building for your child. As your church family, we endeavor to support you and your child as you seek to guide them towards a life devoted to Christ.

Invited Guests

The names of all program participants are to be included on the Registration Form. Parents are responsible for making sure all participants are following our church’s COVID 19 Protocols. The church is a sacred and holy place and should be always treated as such. The property of the church is to be always respected. The spiritual sanctity of your Infant Dedication Ceremony should be enhanced through the participants you choose and the guests you invite. We ask that all involved be respectful in their conduct, language and attire when interacting within the church.


  • Submit your Infant Dedication Registration Form. Be sure to identify how many Godparents and Grandparents will attend the ceremony. 
  • You will receive an email confirming your assigned date and the details of the ceremony.
  • Once you have a confirmed date scheduled, set aside time to attend an Infant Dedication Class prior to your dedication.
  • Arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to allow time to gather your guests so all can be seated together before the ceremony begins.