Gerry Jangha nia interactive 3 December 14, 2020

Gerry Jangha


Although born in North Carolina, I went to Washington, DC public schools and graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School.  I was ranked 2nd in my class and gave the Salutatorian speech from the stage of Constitution Hall where the Daughters of the American Revolution refused to let Marian Anderson sing.  During my senior year, I appeared on the local TV show, “It’s Academic,” representing my school.  I also participated with my parents in the March on Washington.

I attended Smith College in Massachusetts, majoring in African-American Studies.  I received an Associate degree in Accounting from Benjamin Franklin University in DC.  I later received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Southeastern University in DC.  More than 20 years later, I went back to college to switch careers from Accounting/Finance to teaching and received a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Education from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.


At age 7, my grandfather, Rev Paul Andrew Bishop, baptized me at 1st Baptist Church in Rich Square, North Carolina.  Then, I joined Metropolitan Baptist Church in DC and have been a member for over 50 years.  I’ve served in the Youth Ministry, Young People’s Choir, Usher Ministry, Christian Discipleship Council, Street Ministry, Sunday School, and on the Board of Governors of the Metropolitan Day School.  I enjoyed developing and working in Youth Church and a Rites of Passage program.  I currently work with Matthew 25 Ministries, F.A.M.E., the Women’s Ministry, Pastor’s Partners Ministry, and MBC Volunteers.


I’ve worked as an accountant for almost 30 years from bookkeeper at the Association of Community College Trustees to Chief Financial Officer at Training Resources Group, Inc – where I also served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.  At TRG, for several years I managed both the Finance and Administration departments.  After putting my 3 children through undergraduate college, I felt blessed and wanted to give back.  I felt led to teach and switched careers to become an English teacher in Montgomery County Middle Schools, where I successfully taught English, Reading, & Creative Writing before retiring.

I now serve as the Scheduler to the Senior Servant, Pastor Maurice Watson.  My duties are primarily to manage his calendar and arrange his travel, as well as to serve as the administrative liaison communicating with and arranging travel for MBC’s Red Letter Day guest preachers.  As an MBC Volunteer, I also manage the scheduling of our church rooms for various MBC Ministry meetings and events.   

God has truly blessed me, and I strive to be a blessing as well.