Affiliates Kristin Hicks September 8, 2015

The Garment’s Hem

The Garments Hem Ministry provides professional Christian counseling and psychological services to individuals and families in the Washington Metropolitan area.  For information and appointments please contact Dr. Sherrill McMillan directly at 240-312-3306.

The Metropolitan Community Development Corporation (MCDC)

On September 8, 2000, Metropolitan Community Development Corporation (MCDC) was incorporated as a non-profit organization to promote the spiritual and cultural enrichment of the community; to plan, provide for and administer community services and programs that contribute to the social development and economic growth of the community, its families and individuals; and to mobilize the resources of the community to promote and sponsor programs for job and life skills training, health care, education, youth development and business development.

Metropolitan Community Development Corporation (MCDC) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. It is incorporated in the District of Columbia under its Nonprofit Corporation Act and authorized to transact business in the State of Maryland as the “Metropolitan Baptist Community Development Corporation”. Since its inception, MCDC has learned that ordinary individuals with the right spirit and partnerships can achieve extraordinary things.

The Metropolitan Day School

The Metropolitan Day School, Inc., founded in 1998 by the Metropolitan Baptist Church, is a coeducational institution that enrolls students in grades K-3 (3 years) through Grade five. Its mission is to develop the minds, bodies and spirits of children, creating in them a passion for lifelong learning, a commitment to caring for others, and habits of healthy living.

The Metropolitan Delta Adult Literacy Council

The mission of the Council is to enable adults, older youths, and families within the Washington, D.C., vicinity to solve problems they encounter in their daily lives and to participate in and contribute to their community.

Metropolitan/Delta Adult Literacy Council, Inc. (M/DALC), operates programs and services that assist adult learners in their efforts to raise their education level, strengthen their parenting knowledge, and develop new and improved employability skills. Among the 213 program participants who have attended since July 2003, one or more have for the first time obtained a library card, read library books, written newsletter articles, learned parenting skills, improved their knowledge of nutrition, domestic violence, and substance abuse prevention, learned to use the internet, completed job applications online, obtained a new job, advanced on their current job, volunteered for a political campaign, and attended a worldwide literacy conference